Once you have logged in to Streetscape and from any page you can hover over your name and/or picture to view your profile menu (1). To update your Streetscape Properties, select the Inventory Setup option (2)

You should now see a list of your Active Properties that have been set up in the system (1). If this is your first Property set up then this list will be blank for the time being.

To add a new property, select the button called + New Property (1)

Enter the name of your new property (1). If this is your first Property, select the Property Template - 'Default' in the dropdown menu (2). 

Note: If you have previously set up custom workflows for another property that you would like to mirror, you can select that property under the dropdown.

Now that you have set up your Property successfully, you will be taken to the page to set up your Property Profile. There are no mandatory fields here but this section allows you to add any additional information, including specific Accounting contacts for invoices and billing.

Ensure that you hit the Save button at the bottom of the screen to save your updates!

Now that you have your property set up, you can now start populating your Inventory database; see How to use the Bulk Upload Tool here!