When you do need to leave comments or questions for the Approval Agent reviewing your file, you can use the "+ Add a Note to File" feature on the lot record. This ensures that all of the communication regarding a lot is kept in one location and is easily tracked. To + Add a Note to File, please follow the step by step instructions below:

When viewing your lot record, select the + Add a Note to File button. It is to the left of the Request button. 

Add your comment to the yellow comment box and click the grey Submit button. This will prompt an IMPORTANT pop-up window...
This pop-up window allows you the option to notify the Approval Agent on file with a request. To notify the Approval Agent, click the Submit button to place a "Special Request". The Approval Agent will review your submission and leave their response on the Lot Record and you will be notified via Streetscape. 
If you do not want to notify any participants in the lot record and your comment is for information purposes only, you can press the in the corner to continue. 

If you have placed a comment on the lot record without requesting an action (Special Request), the comment will now appear in the Lot Activity News Feed. 

If you have placed a Special Request, your comment will show up the Lot Activity News Feed and the Architectural Approvals Status will be set to Special Request.