When logged on to Streetscape, go to the Approvals tab and launch the Lot Summary


Once on the Lot Summary page, use the filter or search feature if you want to narrow down this list. 

You can also Show only the Pending to show all active requests including the files Awaiting Builder Input and Awaiting Developer Input. 

Once the specific file has been located, select View to open up the Lot Record.


On the LOT ACTIVITY tab, review the supplied documentation or relevant communications in the Event Feed. The Event Feed will be the forum for all approval related communications including file transfers and status updates. It also functions as a complete record and reference for all activity associated with the lot.



NOTE: Extended communications will be hidden on the LOT ACTIVITY in order to keep the page clean but can easily be retrieved by selecting the More arrow on the bottom left hand side of the Event Feed. 

Once you have confirmed any required information has been submitted, you can also review all the surrounding lots for conflicts. You can do this by opening the Map View, commonly referred to as the “Neighborhood View”. The Map View is available on the right-hand side bookmark bar.


Note: For additional information, please see the Article titled “How to View the Neighborhood Report”

If you are satisfied with the submission and color/materials as is, you can now process the request. Return to browser tab with the open Lot Record and click on the Active Request drop down at the bottom of the Event Feed. 



This is where you can confirm, edit, modify, suggest all things related to materials, manufacturers and colors. 


If colors selected are not available in the iform library (color/material dropdown), custom colors can be added in the section called Additionally Requested Materials or the Add a New Material. 


To add materials/colors to your permanent materials library, select the check boxes highlighted in red in this section. These will now be stored in your ever growing materials library. 




Once confirmed, select the green button at the bottom of the sheet “Save and Publish Materials and Colours”

NOTE: Saving and Publishing your materials will ensure that they appear in the Map/Neighborhood View and become an accepted precedent in the community as approved colors.



Step 2 is verifying the submitted model information and adding any notes pertaining to your approval for Siting/Grading, Exterior Design and Color. Material Requirements. 


These notes will show up in your automatically generated Final Form along with your published/approved colors for this lot record.



Step 3 will be where you upload your approval documentation and/or your suggested revisions to drawings if not compliant and depending on your preferred process. 


  1. Please ensure that you are selecting a Form Type from the drop-down menu. The Form Type will refer to the type of auto-generated Final Form (None, Prelim Approval & Final Approval) 
  2. Add any additional general comment in the comment box regarding this submission if required. 
  3. Attach one or more files by selecting choose files (please note the Add More files feature allows you to add files of a varying file type, ex. PDF and JPEG)
  4. The Internal feature, if selected, will hide your posted information from all users except for your team members.
  5. Hitting the Complete button at the bottom will open a Time & Billing pop-up that will be shown in the next screenshot. 




The Time & Billing pop-up window is shown below. You can bypass this by selecting the Service and Service type and selecting Save.



Once you complete the Time & Billing portion, your approval documents, comments and Final Form will be published to the Lot Activity record. 


In order to update the lot status and notify your requester, you need to change the status using the dropdown menu under Architecturals Approval Status and ensure you hit the “Go” button 





Congratulations! You’re done!