• Under the Approvals tab, find the lot, phase or community you want to apply the lock rule to and select View to access a lot record. 


  •  When viewing the lot record, on the right-hand side of the screen, there is a bookmark bar. Select the icon for Configuring Locking rules as shown below. This will prompt a pop-up window to configure the lock rules for this lot.


  • To configure a locking rule[n1] :
    1. Select the Rule Owner; this can be the developer or the consultant, depending on why the lock is being placed on the record. Ensure the contact information and unlocking requirement are completed so the requestor knows who to contact with questions.
    2. Who is the contact person for the unlocking requirements?
    3. What are the unlocking requirements? Does the Requestor need to submit a specific file in order to have the lot unlocked?
    4. Does this lock apply to the current lot, the entire phase or the whole community? Select the appropriate tab to set up the locking rule. 
    5. Decide which approval status you want the lock to be engaged at (Ex. “Final Approval Request”). Drag the selected status from the Not Locked column to the Public Lock column. If you use the Private lock column, only members of your team will be able to view the lock. 
    6. Once completed, click the Save and Close button to close the window, or the Apply button to continue editing locking rules.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The lock on a lot will be activated when the lot is sitting on a particular status. For example, the lock needs to be applied to Final Approval Request; when the Approval agent completes a service (Architectural Approval), the lock will automatically applied to the completed action.

  • When the status you have selected is engaged, the lock will appear in the Lot Activity tab on the lot record.