You can easily review all the surrounding lots for conflicts by opening the Map View under any lot record; this is also commonly referred to as the “Neighborhood Report”. The Map View is available on the right-hand side in the bookmark bar in any lot record.


 The Map View will open in a new window. Standards and style of map will vary depending on the uploaded material.



In order to open your Neighborhood View, hold down the CTRL (control) button on your keyboard and select multiple lots by holding the control button and clicking other lots with your mouse on the full screen Map View. Once CTRL (control) is released, all selected lots will open in new mini-thumbnails right on the map. 

See example below. This will allow you to review neighboring elevations as they would be presented on a street scape.



 Each individual thumbnail will show all published (approved) elevations, colors and materials (Number 2 below) and can be reviewed against the requested elevation for conflict. 

In addition, elevations that require additional detailing (high exposure/corner) on side or rear will have additional elevation images available (Number 1 below)