Once a lot a been reviewed and approved, it becomes an inactive lot, meaning there is no active request associated with the lot. If you need to submit any changes to your drawing or colors to be reviewed by the approval agent, please submit your request as a REVISION REQUEST using the following steps. 

  • On the Approval activity tab, find the lot you would like to submit changes on and select the green REQUEST button.




  • Once you hit Request, this will prompt a popup for the Document Library; if the developer has any required forms, you can follow the link to open the library; if you do not require any documents, please close the window in order to proceed to the submission iform.





  • On the iform, select the type of Service you are requesting, in this case, a Revision Request. Please ensure that all fields marked with an asterisk (required field) are completed.




  • If you require changes to your color or materials, scroll down to the Material & Colors section of the iform and complete your changes. Changes to this form will highlight orange to notify the approval agent of the changes. 




  • If you are not making changes to your colors and materials, scroll to the bottom of the iform and select the green Save and Continue button.




  • Your request confirmation page will load once your colors and materials have been saved. On this form you can add any comments to changes you want to make to your elevations and add your revised drawings. 




  • Include any comments regarding your changes and attach all required forms/drawings relevant to your submission. Ensure that you check the box to agree to the conditions (required) and hit the Submit button to submit your request and notify the approval agent.




NOTE: In order to ensure that you are notified of any changes or comments made on the lot, please ensure that you are "following" the lot record as shown below:

Hit Continue and your request will be submitted to the lot record and the approval agent has been notified.

NOTE: Submit your request on Streetscape as soon as you have your submission ready.  It is always faster to gather everything you need and SUBMIT WHEN YOU'RE READY. Each time you submit information and a new request, you may restart at the bottom of the queue.