Once you have set up your Streetscape account and have logged into the system;


  • Under the Approvals tab, select the option to Submit for Approval


  • Using the search toolbar, locate the lot you want to submit for and click the green Request button


  • Once you hit Request, this will prompt a popup for the Document Library; if the developer has any required forms, you can follow the link to open the library; if you do not require any documents, please close the window in order to proceed to the submission iform.



  • On the iform, using the dropdown menu, select the type of Service you are requesting (#1): note: the Services available will depend on the Property/Approving Authority.
  • The Assigned Architectural Approvals Consultant and Assigned Builder fields are generally populated automatically (#2) 
  • In the next section, you will enter in your Buyer Information (#3). If you have this information, please enter it here. If the Buyer information is not available, please select the checkbox for " This is a Quick Possession Homes". You will be prompted to add some additional information once this box is selected. More details to follow.
  • Model details (#4) for the property are required at the time of submission including the model name, elevation and square footage.

Quick Possession Details

  • All fields marked with an asterisk are required fields including the number of bedrooms and bathrooms (#1) 
  • In the next section, please upload any available elevations and floor plan images available (#2). 


Please note that the best way to ensure that your submission is processed in the shortest time possible is to supply all required documents in one request for a complete review and to avoid any delays.
  • Scroll down the page to complete the next section called "Materials & Colours"

TIP: The Materials & Colour selections are based on an inputted library in a specific format. Please use the drop-down feature in the main form rather than trying to type out your selection. 

If you cannot find the specific finishes in the database, you can type new ones for the Approval Agent to review using the Other Finishes area at the bottom of the page (#3).  

  • If you are submitting a preliminary approval and have not selected Materials and Colours yet, tick the checkbox above the materials form (#1).
  • Materials you select on the form will show up yellow when they have not yet been reviewed (#2), Once reviewed, approved finishes will be highlighted green, and rejected finishes will be highlighted red.
  • You can save a draft of the information filled in if you are not ready to submit, but wish to save the iForm for later use, click the Save as Draft button. After completing the form, You have the option of creating a printable PDF using the Save and Print button. Otherwise, click Save and Continue (#4)

After you hit Save and Continue, the Request Confirmation will show you a summary of the proposed submission (#1), scroll down to complete your request.

  • In the comments section (#2), add any additional information you want to include with your submission including any special considerations or requests. 
  • Upload the necessary attachments (#3) as noted and checked off in the Compliance box (#4); for example; working drawings, footprints, plot plans, floorplans, etc.
  • Review the Disclaimer and select the check-box to agree to the site terms and conditions and select the green Submit button to complete your submission (#5).

In order to ensure that you are notified of any changes or comments made on the lot, please ensure that you are "following" the lot record as shown below: 

  • Select All or all relevant notifications and hit Okay to ensure you receive your notifications


Do you still have questions? Send us an email to support@streetscapeplus.com. We're here to help!