To add a new Team Member to your Group or to manage your existing Team Members, follow these step by step instructions

  • From your dashboard or start-up page, select PEOPLE tab, hover over the option My Team and then select My Team Summary




  • Select the New User button at the top of the Team Summary



  • Complete the contact information for the user. Please note that all fields marked with an asterisk are required.
  • Select the check box to receive a copy of the invite to your email.
  • Once completed, scroll to the bottom of the page and select either Send Invitation, if you are done adding users to this group, or Send Invitation and Add New, if you have other team members to add.




  • All invites are tracked under the Streetscape filter Invited; users will be moved automatically from Invited to Active once they accept your invitation to set up their account on Streetscape. 


2. To Manage Team Members –

  • In the Team Summary page, you can manage all existing users and activate or deactivate user logins as required.
  • To deactivate a user so they can no longer login to the system, select the check box next to their name and click the Deactivate button at the top of the Team Summary list as shown below.



  • Once a user is deactivated, they will not be deleted from the Streetscape system. The user information will be kept under the filter Inactive and can always be reactivated later if necessary, following the same process but selecting the Activate button instead.