Ensure that the groups you are adding to your community have already been set up in the Streetscape System prior to adding them. You can confirm by going to the PEOPLE tab, hover over My Collaborators and then select View Builders or View Consultants

How To Add a Group to a Community

If the group/company is set up in Streetscape, follow these instructions on how to add the Group to a community. When you add the group, they will have access to submit on lots assigned to them or unassigned lots as well as the elevation images and colours submitted by all other users.

  • Hover over your name and photo icon; from the menu that appears, select “Inventory Setup”




  • Use the Streetscape Search feature to easily find the community you are looking for and select the Edit button, this will open the community information page.


  • Once on the community information page and using the sub tabs, select the Builder tab as shown below;




  • To Add a Builder –
    1. Select the Add a Builder button




  1. Select the builder you would like to add from the drop-down menu and then click the Add button.

  • You will receive a confirmation popup at the top of your screen to confirm your builder has been added to the Community and you can continue to add additional builder groups or select the community name to go back to the Community Information page.