• From your dashboard or start-up page; hover over your name and photo icon, from the menu that appears, select “Inventory Setup ”

  •   This will bring up a list of all communities under the Approving Authority/Developer's name.
  • Select the Bulk Upload button

  • From the dropdown, select the community and phase (or all phases) you would like to export and select the Export button. Your download in the form of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet will begin automatically.


  • Open your downloaded file to review your data and make any changes required. 

IMPORTANT NOTE BEFORE IMPORTIt is important that you do not remove any columns or existing data from this sheet in order to ensure a successful import of your database. 

  • Once your changes have been made, save the spreadsheet to your desktop or internal files. 
  • On the same Import/Export Tool Window, select the file you would like to upload and click the Import button. Do not close the tab or navigate away at this point.
  • Once your import has been successfully completed, your changes will be listed on the same page under the Import button as shown below